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Will you survive? FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:   1. Read the following text and individually write down seven of the most important items from the list to ensure survival and/or rescue.   2. Discuss and try to persuade the others that your chosen items are more important for survival than theirs.   What arguments do you have for your choices?   There is no wrong solution, but there are many variations   THE SITUATION   About ten o’clock in the morning in July, your small airplane has crashed in the Sonora desert in Northern Mexico. Both pilots are dead and all that is left of the aircraft is a burnt-out shell. One of the other passengers is injured. There was no radio in the airplane-   From experience you know that daytime temperatures can reach 43°C (110° Fahrenheit) and night-time temperatures reach freezing. All the passengers and yourself are dressed in light clothes. The area is flat and arid as far as the eye can see.   The following list of

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